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Digital Twin

Simon is the ISAC Digital Twin, capable of simulating machining cycles on machine tools, robots or systems with the utmost detail.

Simon allows you to simulate concurrent multi-channel machining, and complex machining cycles consisting of interpolated movements, synchronized movements, and other automatic or pneumatic movements. To do this, it uses the same controller engine and PLC logic installed on the real machine for absolute reproduction fidelity.

Simon, during the simulation, identifies the mechanical collisions, the syntactic errors, the overruns of the limit switches, the physical and kinematic constraints, the deviations of the trajectory with respect to the programmed one. It records the status of the controller and the machine at any time. At the end of the simulation, it makes the recording available for investigation into the surroundings of the events identified or for its subsequent reproduction.

Simon collects the data collected by the real controller during a real process, correlates it with the state of the simulation, and then uses very powerful data analysis tools to identify the criticalities of the machining and the deviations of reality from the ideal model.

Simon sculpts the raw material with the tools with a realistic shape and obtains an approximation of the finished to be made, then allows to compare the result of the machining with the model to be obtained, and highlights the gouges and allowances left.

Simon also interacts with the machine control logic to stimulate it in operating conditions and cover possible use cases in testing, or simulate the desired behavior before programming the automation components.

Who is it for?

ISAC product-based CNC and MC application developers End users who want to verify machining strategies before bringing them to the machine.


Collaboration between mechanical and automation projects. Verification of processing, of the quality of the manufactured product, and of the realization times.

Why choose them?

Simon interprets the machining program with the same motor as the CNC. It also uses and interacts with the automation logic of the machine itself, to maximize the accuracy of the simulation.

Agile design

Simon allows you to apply the Agile methodology when designing a machine or plant. Thanks to the accurate simulation available from the earliest stages of mechanical design, it is possible to set up the automation project at the same time and to verify the feasibility of the expected machining cycles, and to accurately estimate the times.

Profiling of the application created

Simon allows you to identify bottlenecks and points to improve in very complex processes that involve different channels and independent movements.
Simon uses simulation or operation recording a runtime of CNC Costantino, and relates instant by instant the physical state of the machine with the operations performed by the CNC and by the automation logic, then uses refined analysis scripts to identify the problems or points to be analyzed in greater detail.
It therefore allows to maximize the productivity of the machine or plant analyzed, to test the variations without endangering the mechanical components and without introducing machine downtime.

Predictive maintenance

Simon uses simulation or operation recording a runtime of CNC Costantino to identify worn mechanical and electrical components, and warns the control logic to plan maintenance interventions. 

Collision during machining

Verification of the machining strategy

Simon checks the strategy generated by the CAM before passing it to the CNC with the same operating conditions present in the real machine, then identifies mechanical interference, syntactic or logical errors in the machining sequence, overrun of the limit switches and of the operating space.
It therefore allows to prevent machine downtime and damage of mechanics.

Simulation of material processing

Simon uses the stock, finished and tooling model to simulate the machining of the material, with the accuracy level established. It can simulate adding or removing material, for machines with additive, subtractive, or hybrid technology.
Simon identifies any gouges of the tool and the portions of material in excess of the finished one.

Material removal simulation.

Processing times forecast

Simon accurately estimates the machining times of the simulated part-program, even in the case of machining with constant modulation of the machining speed. 

Simon uses the same CNC settings for the interpolation of the programmed path, and estimates the times of the ancillary operations

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