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The activation of a Quality Management System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 does not represent a formal and only facade commitment. We firmly believe that this is an opportunity to equip ourselves with additional business management tools to face the challenges that the market imposes on us, considering that we aim to increase our presence on the Italian and foreign market, also through the creation of territorial structures with of application development centers and to increase overall turnover and by type of customer / product.

Technological evolution is in fact profoundly transforming machine tools and industrial automation systems, and if we want to increase our presence on the market, we must be able to anticipate the needs of our customers.

A company that operates in a sector more than others governed by the search for greater efficiency, precision and cost reduction, requires the utmost attention in making design choices that guarantee a reliable, flexible and implementable product, to give our customers the guarantee that ISAC will not be a simple supplier but a stable partner over time.

We must also look carefully at those sectors, other than ours, where electronics are evolving rapidly, in order to be ready to seize the opportunities to transfer innovative technologies in the field of automation applied to machines.

We have to design products with marked originality in order to be able to compete with large multinationals in terms of flexibility and prices. All products must have a common hardware and software platform, capable of achieving the following objectives at low cost and with maximum reliability:

  • continuous updating according to evolutionary needs;
  • adaptation to the application needs imposed by the machines that host it.

We must be able to study and implement product applications suitable for the various needs of the machines in different sectors as proof of the flexibility of the products developed and to provide complete manuals and documentation in the language.

We must aim at reducing production times (lead time per product) by making the production, purchasing and warehouse management mechanisms more efficient and maintaining a high standard of product reliability through an accurate control of procurement and subcontracting. external and internal assembly.

We are also aware that customer satisfaction is linked not only to the technical quality of the products but also to the quality, organizational and professional of the company, therefore, to the ability to provide the customer with the right answers in the design, execution and use of its products. cars.

At the center of our choices must be existing and potential customers, towards whom we are committed not only to ensure quality and professionalism but to acknowledge needs, anticipate expectations and promptly prevent and resolve any situation that may determine the their dissatisfaction.

These objectives cannot be achieved without the active participation of all staff, this requires our commitment to stimulate motivation and a sense of belonging, to obtain the satisfaction and professional growth of all.

We intend to concretely demonstrate our ability to respect the commitments set out above; therefore we have defined process objectives and indicators in order to monitor company processes and possibly intervene in order to realign with planned standards.

To this end, we will periodically review our performance to evaluate the results obtained and set up new actions aimed at improving.

We therefore ask everyone to commit themselves, together with their managers, to achieving the objectives assigned to each company sector and guaranteeing the full satisfaction of the internal and external customer.

The Management ensures from now on that it will pay the utmost attention to all suggestions, proposals and all requests for clarification from whoever they come, and will systematically communicate the results achieved and future objectives to all staff.

Cascina, on 06/03/2018 THE BOARD

Company with certified quality system UNI EN ISO9001:2008

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