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Over 40 years of experience
Your partner for software and hardware development for industrial automation solutions.
CNC Laser cutting of metal, modern industrial technology.
The embedded Control System versatile and robust.

Traiano is a high-performance CNC central unit for applications on supply machine tools, 3- and 5-axis milling or robot kinematics, even multi-channel competitors.

Trajan communicates via EtherCAT with I/O modules, servos, and gateways that connect the EtherCAT network to other networks such as Yaskawa's Mechatrolink, IO-Link, and CANopen, or with devices that provide analog and pulse/direction interface for the...

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The flexible and robust CNC software.

Costantino is a softCNC compatible with i Multicore PC, industrial grade or not. All its critical operations are performed in one realtime operating system which has exclusive access to some PC resources, namely one or more processor cores, a part of RAM memory, and an Ethernet port. The Windows operating system uses the remaining resources to host the operator interface and the onboard program system ...

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Digital Twin.
More productivity when designing.

Simon is the ISAC Digital Twin, capable of simulating machining cycles on machine tools, robots or systems with the utmost detail.

Simon allows you to simulate concurrent multi-channel machining, and complex machining cycles consisting of interpolated movements, synchronized movements, and other automatic or pneumatic movements. To do this, it uses the same controller motor and PLC logic installed on the machine ...

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