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If you wish to join our specialized team and highlight your characteristics as a designer, programmer or customer relationship, send your Curriculum Vitae to the address with a short presentation and you will be contacted shortly! It is advisable to authorize the processing of personal data (Privacy Law - Legislative Decree 196/03).

Research and development department

The Research and Development department is responsible for keeping ISAC products up-to-date and guaranteeing the company a competitive advantage. Development concerns software components, firmware and hardware that are very integrated with each other. operational, numerical computing, and implementation of interfaces with hardware and implementation of communication protocols. Often the software components have real-time and mission-critical execution characteristics and this profoundly influences the modeling methods, programming and verification. Some components have portability characteristics in various operating systems. The activities are regulated in the context of the company's quality management with clear rules, and according to AGILE criteria.

The research and development department includes the following profiles:

Real time programmer 

This figure creates and maintains the basic components of ISAC products such as:

  • The communication stacks for the various protocols implemented, the configurators and the associated diagnostic and configuration systems;
  • The automatic control components, their execution and the tools for their programming;
  • The motion control and path components of the trajectory.


  • Knowledge of C and / or C ++ languages
  • Knowledge of servo-regulation tools
  • Knowledge of electronic components for automation
  • Interest in developments in applied mathematics and / or operations research algorithms
  • Knowledge of spoken and written English

Embedded designer

This figure builds and maintains the code execution environments. It therefore maintains the operating systems, programming interfaces and component libraries used to make the products. Explore different solutions and check compatibility with new hardware systems. Create and run profiling tests and maintain verification environments and tools.


  • Knowledge of C and C ++ languages
  • Knowledge of Real Time Operating Systems (in particular Linux and Windows CE)
  • Knowledge of x86 or ARM processor architecture or microcontroller knowledge
  • Real-Time Control Laws (PLC) programming skills
  • Knowledge of spoken and written English

HMI designer

This figure develops and maintains the components of ISAC products that offer a user interface. In the case of programmable interfaces, it also develops and maintains development environments. It also develops products that include simulation and application verification environments.


  • Knowledge of C# or Java language
  • Knowledge of C ++ language
  • Knowledge of communication and networking networks
  • Knowledge of spoken and written English

Support department

Support engineer


  • Knowledge of the PC hardware and software environment
  • Basic elements of metrology and statistical analysis
  • Basic knowledge of PLC logic
  • Basic knowledge of servo regulation
  • Knowledge of the most common electronic circuits or components
  • Basic knowledge of fundamental components for industrial automation (motors, servo motors, measurement systems, inverters, PLCs, electrical panels, industrial electrical systems, electromechanical components, pneumatic components)
  • Knowledge of machine tools and automation systems
  • Ability to interpret mechanical drawing at the overall level
  • Ability to interpret electrical and electronic design
  • Knowledge of spoken and written English

Application department

Application engineer


  • Knowledge Programming via environment for operator interface (hmi)
  • PLC motion control programming using IEC61131 languages
  • CNC programming in iso language
  • Knowledge of spoken and written English

Company with certified quality system UNI EN ISO9001:2008

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