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ISAC has been producing hardware and software solutions for industrial automation since 1994, its products are numerical controls and motion controllers (PAC), entirely developed and built within the company. To date, thanks also to the forty years of experience of the company's founders, ISAC creates solutions that translate into opportunities for success and an improved competitiveness of its customers.
ISAC is an international reality, with customers all over the world.

The company is driven by the passion for their work, dedication to achieving goals and the desire to improve for continuous growth.

ISAC has been certified with a quality management system since 2004 with UNI EN ISO9001 certificate.

ISAC believes and pursues the following corporate values.


Our technology has an open architecture based on a PC platform, designed and built according to the requirements of industry standards, employing low-power components, with no moving parts. Our products host a tamper-proof Windows environment for running the operator interface. Our technology benefits from the open architecture that can be easily updated to the innovations offered by the market, guaranteeing compatibility with the applications already implemented.


Our technology is based on a single central unit to which peripherals conforming to industry standards connect. The computing power can be chosen according to the needs. The software is also divided into independent modules that can be assembled according to the needs of the application and all are controlled by the PLC logic; it guarantees the same functionality regardless of the hardware used.


We continuously update our products and adopt the new technologies available to meet market needs.
Investments in Research and Development and collaboration with the University allow our customers to enjoy the benefits of new technologies before others.
In any case, innovation protects the investment made previously: the new products maintain compatibility with the old ones.


The openness and modularity of our solutions allow easy application in machines that are even very different from them, starting with standard development tools and shared knowledge. Our services include customization support to solve specific customer problems.


ISAC bases its development policy on the pursuit of three basic objectives: the technical and cultural growth of its workforce, the careful choice of its external collaborators and the training of its customers. To this end, it invests in courses and long-term relationships with these key players in order to undertake a more solid growth process.

Some projects


With the INOVA project, ISAC srl has radically innovated its business management by activating consultancy aimed at implementing a new management control system 

Coast to Coast

Through the Coast To Coast project, two showrooms were created, one in Chicago (USA) and one in South Korea.

Smart NC

The aim of the project is to improve the precision and repeatability of the machining of machine tools used in the automotive, aeronautical and construction sectors.

Company with certified quality system UNI EN ISO9001:2008

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