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Glass processing

A crystal clear CNC solution for glass cutting, milling, drilling and polishing

Costantino is a powerful and flexible CNC that allows you to obtain the maximum result with the minimum effort for all types of applications.
Costantino CNC is the ideal solution for both new machines and retrofits.
The machines equipped with Costantino CNC are able to satisfy all Industry 4.0 requirements.

All our experience with these machines:

Glass cutting machines

2D cutting machines that orient a glass cutting wheel always tangent to the current position
of the trajectory in the programmed layout.

Specific requirements
• Optimize production by saving labor costs for loading and unloading
• High cutting speed for required lines and shapes
• Minimizes waste material when cutting parts, shows the operator the already cut layout for the breaking table, reprograms the layout keeping track of broken parts during separation

Drilling and polishing centers

3-axis machines with tools and slotting machines on the spindle to work on edges.

Specific requirements
• Achieves consistent surface smoothing results around the entire perimeter of the shape
• Complex sequence of tools needed during machining

Waterjet cutting machines

3 or 5 axis machines for cutting planar glass sheets with high pressure water and abrasives.

Specific requirements
• Very long execution of the part-program which must be interrupted and resumed on the last part of the cutting path
• Use of cutting times with cut quality

Main CNC features

• PC-based solution: a single hardware containing the CNC together with HMI, CAM and Optimizer for cutting, with completely separate and independent resources, to increase reliability and reduce costs
• Look ahead up to 256 blocks, over 15,000 instructions per second
• Standard ISO6983 syntax for the complete definition of machining and parametric nesting programming, which simplifies the interface with third-party CAD-CAM
• Gantry axes
• Controlled jerk movements for all axes involved in the movement and separately for the tool tip, to avoid mechanical stress and obtain the best finishing surface
• High speed machining to smooth edges while maintaining a defined tolerance, to reduce mechanical vibrations, reduce machining times and improve finishing results
• High speed machining optimized for tangent cutting wheel
• Volumetric compensation of positioning inaccuracies due to mechanical asymmetries and machine misalignments
• Coordinates and origins of operation for roto-translation and mirror processing
• High-speed machining available on 5-axis interpolation
• Programming of the position and orientation of the tool tip with the Tool Center Point (TCP) with bi-rotary heads and different tool orientation
• Support digital interface with servos like EtherCAT and Mechatrolink, but also cheap pulse-dir servos can work best
• OPC UA server for connection with MES
• Remote I / O connected with EtherCAT fieldbus to allow the exchange of thousands of I / O signals
• IO-Link interface gateway
• Safety integrated with FSoE


• Custom operator panel created using a specific development tool. Alternatively, the OEM can integrate CAM into the HMI using reusable user controls
• High definition interactive machining preview that the operator can rotate, pan or zoom. The already cut path is identified using different colors to quickly understand the amount of work done


• Statistical compensation of tool wear in radius and length. Dynamic adjustments to make the tool work at constant torque (dynamic wear compensation)
• Tool life management
• Tool presetting, wear calculation and online integrity check
• High efficiency and automatic tool change management

Work aids

• Resumption of machining after an unexpected shutdown from the last executed block or from any graphically selected block. Works with repeats and nested macros
• Support for suspension of processing, manual control and maintenance and recovery from the trajectory position
• After resuming, the change in tool length is automatically compensated for
• Safe tool withdrawal from material in the current arbitrary tool direction
• Database of the parameters of the waterjet cutting process integrated within the part-program. CAM can select parameters based on the material, thickness and cut quality required on specific sides. The operator can choose a different selection
• Parameter database editor

PLC logic environment

• Powerful PLC logic shell compliant with IEC61131 standard
• Extensive application libraries

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