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5-axis waterjet for stone material

Client: Jekran


The firmJekran builds machines for cutting stone and composite slabs, and uses a special pump system of its own construction. The large size of the machine imposes high rapid speeds, the movement of the beam with two synchronized motors and the need to reduce axis homing times.

The use of the high pressure water jet poses several problems of taper compensation and beam deflection.

The processes are defined by a CAM specialized in complex processes and able to make the most of the cutting technology with water.


ISAC offered Costantino CNC with ready to work application, and a package of brushless motors and digital drives connected with EtherCAT field bus, and multiturn absolute encoders to eliminate dead times due to axis homing. 

Capabilities exploited

  • Torch height control
  • Tool radius compensation
  • Execution of the program in reverse
  • Speed modulation in trajectory with respect to the distance from the edge
  • TCP to interpret the trajectory of the tool tip even in the case of a compensated bi-rotary head.
  • TCP parameters autotuning
  • High speed interpolation
  • PLC logic in IEC61131 customized by the customer


The integration between CNC and drives significantly reduces machine setup times, reduces downtime during use, and allows a much higher level of remote customer support than alternative solutions.

The interpolation quality and the TCP functionalities contribute to the optimization of the quality of the cut obtained.

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