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Costantino is a softCNC compatible with i Multicore PC, industrial grade or not. All its critical operations are performed in one realtime operating system which has exclusive access to some PC resources, namely one or more processor cores, a part of RAM memory, and an Ethernet port. The Windows operating system uses the remaining resources to host the operator interface and the on-board program system, so the application does not require additional hardware. Costantino maintains a clear separation between the two environments so that any state of Windows cannot alter realtime performance.

Costantino communicates through EtherCAT with I / O modules, servos, and gateway that connect the EtherCAT network to other networks such as Yaskawa's Mechatrolink, IO-Link and CANopen, or with devices that provide the analog and pulse / direction interface for traditional drives. It manages the resources through an EtherCAT configurator integrated with the hardware resource manager and with the automation logic editor.

Costantino has a programmable PLC environment IEC61131, it is possible to develop the PLC logic with one of the 5 standard languages: ST, LD, FBD, SCD, IL, or in C.

Who is it for?

CNC applications, with interpolated movements, for lathes and mills. MC applications with synchronized axes Integrated applications between robots, machine tools and other accessory synchronized operations.


Volume-based pricing scalability is better because the hardware component is minimized. Excellent performance continuously improving thanks to the evolution of PCs.

Why choose them?

The best product for a high-performance CNC that houses the operator interface or the CAM on the machine. Costantino represents the culmination of more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of CNC products. Constantly updated and improved, it maximizes application performance

Costantino runs a g-code (ISO6983) motion program, and has many features for adapting the interpretation and interpolation based on the required needs. It offers the application powerful and easy to use features:

  • With 25,000 blocks per second and more than 200 lookahead blocks, is one of the fastest CNCs on the market. Costantino takes full advantage of the performance of modern processors and can dedicate exclusive resources to channels that require particularly high performance.
  • Algorithms of Suppression of mechanical resonances, compensation of the following error, correction of mechanical aberrations and other tools to improve the quality of movement;
  • Control of up to 12 axes per channel and up to 8 channels, o part-program running at the same time;
  • Interpolation with respect to the Jerk on the axes and on the tip of the tool for improve the quality of finish.
  • Interpolation via high speed algorithms to reduce processing times, make processing speed constant and reduce mechanical vibrations.
  • Execution of the workings a 3 axes, 4 axes, 5 axes with tool orientation; a refined function TCP allows you to manage kinematics with five degrees of freedom.
  • Control of any ROBOT kinematics up to 6 degrees of freedom.

Costantino includes Motion Control functionality with PLC logic interface compatible with the standard PLCopen MC part 1, for applications that require synchronized movements between axes:

  • Motion cams based on the position of an axis or on time
  • Axis movements through time constraints of position, speed or acceleration
  • Speed coupling between axes.
  • Cutting on the fly.
  • Synchronized axis position rephasing.

All these functions can interact with the others used in the CNC, to create complex applications and to achieve maximum adaptability.

Constantine has numerous complete application libraries that you can use as is or as basis for further development and customization.

You can find examples on the pages of experiences.


Costantino integrates perfectly with SIMON, the digital twin of ISAC, for the faithful simulation of the application before execution in the machine.

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